Color Tattoo Ink Sets 

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    The INTENZE Essential Silver Tattoo

    The INTENZE Essential Silver Tattoo Ink Set contains Blue Silver, Purple Silver, and Titanium Silver. These new tattoo inks in the INTENZE line give you a creative medium to replicate silver finishes in your tattoos for different lights, reflections, finishes, and textures. With these silver tattoo inks in your artistic arsenal every cloud will have a silver lining!

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    PLEASE CALL 0151 922 0007 FOR

    PLEASE CALL 0151 922 0007 FOR SPECIAL PRICE The Intenze Ultimate Color Set provides you as a tattoo artist with the ultimate flexibility in being prepared for any tattoo piece you set out to accomplish. This ultimate set features every Intenze Color Available in the product lineup as well as all blacks, gray washes, browns, whites, and silvers.

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